Five Million Steps


In April 2019, I embarked on the massive task of bringing my body into extremely active days through ultra-running, cycling and crossfit training, taking a total of five million steps.

My challenge took place on three islands in Indonesia (Bali, Nusa Penida, Gili Trawangan), the Malaysian part of Borneo, three islands in the Philippines (Luzon, Cebu and Bohol) and I completed the challenge on the island of Taiwan.

The main goal during the 'Five Million Steps' challenge was to create the coaching program based on 23 years of my professional work experiences.

Through self-analysis, reflection, planning and action, I identified and understood what challenges I would face on the way. I wanted to elevate new skills, habits and natural-born strengths. I created a system of rewards, developed self-confidence, improved productivity, and learnt how to enjoy the most hard-working day.

Starting from 25,000 steps per day and increasing it to over 100,000 steps daily, it took me 101 days to complete my challenge. Resulting in a total of five million steps!



  • Most Steps in one Month: 2,000,521
  • Most Steps in one Week: 569,168
  • Most Steps in one Day: 107,168
  • Active calories burned: 451,000 +
  • Reduced my body fat from 17 % to 9%
  • Ate more than 520 bananas
  • Ate 3kg of Peanut Butter
  • Ate over 260 eggs
  • Drank over 450 liters of water and 90 liters of milk
  • Ran and cycled over 3,600 miles
  • Climbed 7398 floors
  • Descended 6478 floors

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