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Global sponsorships are not only for big football players like Ronaldo or Messi. It’s actually the opposite. Brands are looking for small, local, authentic and inspirational personalities who can engage their audience into one common goal. The rise of the microinfluener is a perfect example of this. Whatever you do and no matter your social media followings, brands and businesses are working with micro-influencers. What matters is how authentic you are, and what vision you can sell. The key is to plan, learn and then execute.


of sponsorship and the ways it can help build your personal brand, drive business development and engage communities is essential.

This course peels back the layers of the sponsorship onion to explain, why, where and how sponsorship can be one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing toolbox.


  • To understand the sponsorship marketplace and the key drivers.
  • The evolution of sponsorship, trends, developments and future direction.
  • The added value of sponsorship in the marketing mix.
  • Using assets in activation concepts for brands, rights holders and community.
  • Develop proposals and presentations to sell sponsorship programs.
  • Measuring the impact of sponsorship through media and market research.






The strategy to help you understand the sponsorship ecosystem and how it can be applied across the sports and fitness business, from global to local and from elite to amateur sports. Sponsorship is one of the most universal and flexible tools that are available to an individual and sports organisation to help achieve their goals.



I am an ultra-endurance athlete and explorer, keynote speaker, and athletic lifestyle business coach.

My most significant ultra-running challenge is taking five million steps in 101 days and running 7,000 miles unsupported through Asia. Ever since I developed my own athletic lifestyle business to sign multiple 6-figure sponsorship contracts and build my personal brand, I started helping other athletic-focused entrepreneurs do the same.

I am the founder of the Tomasz Drybala Academy. My coaching programs have attracted over 2,000 students at universities; getting excellent feedback from students, professors and university presidents.

But at one point I was just like you - I was just starting.

Back then, I knew nothing about the athletic lifestyle business, personal branding and sponsorship. I started my career 23 years ago running companies in the hospitality and construction industries. So when I decided it was time for me to make a change and start an athletic lifestyle business, I was just as confused and overwhelmed as you are now. There was a lot of trial and error and many times I wasn't sure what I was doing.

Now I do what I love, with people I love. I'm in the best shape of my life and only getting better. Today, instead of commuting to my office, I travel freely and work from anywhere: Bali, Borneo, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra and my home in London.

When I say 'You can have it' I'm speaking from experience, not just repeating a fancy catchphrase.


  • Access the knowledge and tools you can apply TODAY to improve your sponsorship sales results immediately

  • Discover your sponsorship story - the one corporate brands want to hear

  • Learn how to identify the companies who will most likely be interested in your offer

  • Learn how to break through the invisible corporate wall and get that first meeting with the right person

  • Learn how to avoid the critical mistakes which create internal pressure and ‘chew-up’ precious time

  • Learn what to offer (and what not to offer) and how to maximise its value

  • Learn how to manage and align internal expectations so you’re all pulling in the same direction

  • Learn the secrets to crafting an offer for corporate prospects that will increase your sponsorship sales conversion rate

  • Learn how to close the deal without the sales hype

  • Learn how to maximise existing sponsorships

  • Learn how to turn short term sponsors into long term partners



In proposal writing, attendees will get hands-on feedback, tips and analysis of their sponsorship proposal document, as well as develop recommendations to ensure your materials stand out from the crowd for the right reasons!

In prospecting & pipeline, we consider what makes an effective prospecting strategy, how to build a good pipeline, techniques for building interest and ways in which you can establish and build awareness of your project, platform, organisation or idea.

The final stage of any good sales cycle leads to a presenting opportunity and in the final part of the workshop attendees we review and rehearse best practice presenting techniques leaving confident and prepared for the next pitch!

Trusted by 2000+ students at universities


  • Understanding sponsorship and its role in the marketing mix (trends and best practice concepts)

  • Developing your sponsorship proposition and presenting a compelling narrative to prospective partners

  • Audience intelligence, prospecting and micro-communities

  • Proposal structure and development

  • Pricing strategically and using a value-led technique

  • Negotiation and closing techniques

  • Effective presenting

  • Contract management


"Your expertise contributes greatly to the Department of Sports Science and Sports Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Thammasat University. We are looking forward to continuing cooperatively with you in the future."

Prof. Plaiwan Sutthanon, PhD

- Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Thammasat University

"Your topic was of great interest to our students, and many expressed their appreciations for such study and career-related information. The information you shared, as well as your experience and success, positively encourage our young undergraduates to set goals for their lives."

Prof. Dr Kanchana Ngourungsi

- President of Naresuan University

"On behalf of Mahidol University, I would like to thank you for your very inspiration and worthwhile talk "DistruptiveLif," which took place at College of Sports Science and Technology Mahidol University"

Dr Pranomporn Pochanasomburana

- Education College of Sport Science and Technology, Mahidol University

Frequently asked questions:

Is the 'Create a Winning Sponsorship Strategy' for me?

If you want an athletic lifestyle business, then yes, it's for you. But remember, businesses don't build themselves. If you're willing to watch the entire course and put time and effort into implementing your new knowledge, you'll have the tools you need to create a successful athletic  business. Simply put, you have to put in the work.

How long will it take me to complete the 'Create a Winning Sponsorship Strategy'?

'Create a Winning Sponsorship Strategy' is an 6-module course designed to be completed in 6 weeks. The course is action-oriented, and you'll be building your brand as you take the course. And--side note--your business is never "done," which is a lesson that all entrepreneurs eventually learn. You'll always be testing, tweaking, and modifying what you create, but plan on about 2-5 hours per week over 6 weeks to complete the course and be up and running.

How do I access the materials?

When you purchase, you'll use your email address to create your own login to my easy-to-use online learning platform. After that, you can login to Tomasz Drybala Academy 24/7 from anywhere in the world to access your content. My web-based online learning platform works on mobile, tablets, and computer browsers. You never lose access to 'Create a Compelling Personal Brand' and can return to any video or download at any time if you need a refresher

What Kind of results will I get from 'Create a Winning Sponsorship Strategy'?

If you complete all of the modules, worksheets, and training inside the 'Create a Winning Sponsorship Strategy', you'll have the education and tools you need to create a working personal brand for your athletic lifestyle business. Success varies significantly in individuals and is dependant upon many factors. Your success is entirely dependant on you. I can't guarantee exact results. But I do guarantee that you will learn the three pillar roadmap in easily digestible steps.

What's your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this course, and the fact that digital content can't be returned, this course is non-refundable. Please read the details and description of each module so you understand exactly what you are buying. It's like registering for a college course. If you register with the intent to learn, but don't show up, the school doesn't give you a refund. Same rules apply here. We're completely invested in making sure you have the best experience possible, so please email us with any questions and we will always give you an honest answer so you can make the best decision for you. We're happy to answer any questions.



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