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"Athletic Lifestyle Business"

"How To Build a Successful Location Independent Career"

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This eBook is designed for amateur and professional athletes, coaches and physiotherapist; sport and fitness bloggers, influencers and content creators; yoga instructors, adventurers and explorers.

I'm helping like-minded people like you to develop location-independent career related to your active lifestyle.

My book and courses are specifically for anyone looking to start their own athletic lifestyle business and the content of the book and course is tremendously inspiring for anyone looking to develop a more entrepreneurial mindset and create a location independent career around your passions.

I am a walking-talking proof that you can achieve your dreams of independent work, while doing everything that makes you happy, from any place you choose.

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In this eBook I will guide you through the basic rules on how to build an athletic lifestyle business. This is only the beginning and if it sparks your interest, then you’ll definitely find huge value in my 16-week coaching course. No matter if you are starting from zero or if you already have several achievements under your belt. I will show you how to connect your quirks, passions and work experiences into your own unique value. Then you’ll learn how to use it to tap into the £289 Billion Expert Economy and £67 Billion Global Sports Sponsorship Market

"Athletic Lifestyle Business"

"How To Build a Successful Location Independent Career"

I’m going to show you how, in my own company, I’ve used this method to go from being a pretty much invisible new expert in my industry to building a multi 6-figure sponsorship business for myself in one of the most crowded markets out there. You will also see that building a profitable and scalable business doesn’t need 24/7 attention. This is the key to creating the freedom and meaningful impact we all crave.

Yes, You Can!

After reading this eBook, you’ll start to understand my proven methodology and how you can begin to scale your own athletic lifestyle business. The 16-week course is the next step to unlocking your potential. Each course is an in-depth step-by-step program to transform your passions, interests and life experience into your unique expertise. Finding your niche and focusing on what makes you stand out will be the key to a scalable and profitable athletic lifestyle business.

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"Athletic Lifestyle Business"

"How To Build a Successful Location Independent Career"


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